Introducing next-generation mining machines utilizing state-of-the-art semiconductor chips

Speed Mining Co., Ltd. determined to introduce a mining machine utilizing state-of-the-art 7nm semiconductor chips in FY 2018.

  1. Purpose

    Speed Mining Co., Ltd. proved a high performance on experiment data with mining and resulted in making an alliance with a group company that has been listed on JASDAQ. Due to the increase of miner population and breakthrough of mining machine functionality, the implementation of higher performance mining machine is essential for the future of mining industry.

  2. State-of-the-art semiconductor chip and its outstanding performance

    7nm (Nanometer – One billionth of a meter) semiconductor chip Mining performance of 10 TH/S or more per unit (TH/S is a unit representing a hash calculation amount per second, T (tera) is 1 trillion)
    Electric power consumption of 300 W or less per unit. (Over 75% reduction is expected comparing with other major products)
    Currently, the world’s most common ASIC miner is Antminer S9 made by Bitmain company that adopts 16nm chips with performance of 14 TH/S with 1,372 W power consumption.

  3. Acquisition of machines that incorporates state-of-the-art semiconductor chips

    We are planning to implement this amazing machine by tens of thousands of units by joint development with overseas partners

  4. Schedule Date: First half of 2018
  5. Next Deployment

    In 2019, we plan to research and develop 5nm semiconductor chip which is “Ultra High-Density Semiconductor” in cooperation with companies with semiconductor design technology.
    A 5nm semiconductor chip is expected to achieve 40% improvement in performance and 75% power saving compared to the currently commercialized 10nm semiconductor chip.
    We are also planning to deploy the mining center to cold regions overseas and cheaper electricity bills.