We succeeded in setting up a portfolio of a mining machine by blockchain specialists, and constructing the optimal mining environment.

    What is “MINING”?

    “MINING” is mining virtual currency. Mining represents that newly issued virtual currency is given to those who computerize and present the correct answer. To achieve that, now, lots of hardware and power is necessary as major companies participate in the market and competition is fierce.


    Management of Mining Center

    We succeeded in achieving the high return with minimized risk by introducing the state-of-the-art machine and structuring the optimal portfolio among the virtual currency for mining.We will structure the largest mining center in Asia in Asahikawa, Hokkaido based on the proof obtained at the mining facility set up in Tokyo.
    ※The photo shows our Asahikawa Mining Center


  • ICO Support

    We support cost deduction for funding.
    Conducting ICO is much easier than the existing funding process due to the technological renovation. Anybody can receive financing by investors from all over the world using virtual currency by publishing the “white paper” that contains project scheme, its concept, and technical details.

    What is “ICO”?

    ICO is the next-generation form of financing that allow you to “raise funds by issuing virtual currency”. Before listing the virtual currency, you issue coins to investors for financing.


    ICO Consulting

    We perform consulting and suggest new businesses to correspond to our clients who need a consultation concerning ICO making use of the experience and expertise.