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What is “MINING”?

We drive our business forward keeping the eyes on corresponding to various use cases such as the blockchain technology development and support for it, and virtual currency business.
We not only conduct mining machine sales for mining virtual currency, but also accept requests to develop virtual currency itself. Based on the expertise from these businesses, we offer our clients advice on advantage to introduce virtual currency to investment as well as the technical solutions.smscoin




Mayu KojimaMayu Kojima
Now the amount of virtual currency in circulation is increasing all over the world. Although in the present day, it has not won the position to be replaced with the existing currency, it is expected to supplement the existing currency, or to grow as the new “value processor” that will be the successor to the existing one.
Speed Mining Co.,Ltd. developed the “ICO (Initial Coin Offering)” technology that is the new financing method using the virtual currency developed by the multinational engineers team. We focus on maximizing the “simultaneity of trade” between a holder and a receiver that the virtual currency has already earned and acknowledged. Based on this, we will offer various services concerning the virtual currency.
Firstly, we plan to open our own mining center in Hokkaido for mining virtual currency, and conduce our ICO to distribute the return to ICO participants. Secondly, we have 4 ICO plans within this fiscal year corresponding to the requests for financing from various businesses. To achieve that, we have organized the system that realizes a one-stop support for consulting, block chain technology development, marketing, and from coin management to financing after ICO.
From now on, we will vigorously push forward to improve our safest, securest, and fastest services to satisfy our clients’ requirements